Through deep research we develop insights and design strategies that allow us to make products, services and experiences more human.

Brand Design

Just like your personal identity makes you uniquely you, your brand identity is your business’s “special sauce” that sets it apart from every other Tom, Dick and Harry, Inc. on the block. And your brand identity design? It’s what shapes your company.


  • Typography Selection
  • Color Palette Selection
  • Logo Design
  • Web Design
  • Packaging Design
  • Business Card Design
  • Email Design

Business Process Engineering

Business Process Reengineering is the structured, process-driven approach to improving the performance of a company in areas such as cost, service, quality, and efficiency. This process starts at the highest level of companies and works its way down to the lowest level, overhauling the entire system in the most efficient amount of time possible. This complete redesign distinguishes BPR from other methodologies where small improvements are made through regular process improvements.

Business Retention & Lead Generation

Imagine starting Monday morning with 10 hot sales leads waiting in your inbox. Is there a more productive way to start the work week, in relation to expanding a business? Probably not.

Lead generation is not a new form of acquiring a business, but business trends and time necessities have found a better way to get new clients. Rather than sitting at a trade show table for hours on end, or setting up a display in hopes that targeted consumers will complete a form, you can have leads generated and sent to you using available technology, all while you can direct your time elsewhere.

Finding leads is time-consuming. Lead generation frees up substantial time, all while retaining the same (if not more) income opportunities.


  • Lead management systems
  • Generation of contacts, leads and clients
  • Retention of existing clients
  • End-to-end lead management
  • Sales pipeline analysis
  • Development of tools to support lead conversion and business retention

Design Consulting

We combine traditional strategy with design thinking to look at the current state of your entire business—what’s working, what’s not, where you are today and where you can go tomorrow.

Sometimes our clients are looking to grow their internal innovation capabilities (e.g. running better ideation sessions). Other times they need help entering emerging markets or understanding where to play in a new category. No matter what, we look at your company holistically, working with senior leaders to develop a complete set of design recommendations and help you activate a plan.


  • Organizational assessment
  • Design and innovation capability development
  • Opportunity assessment
  • Go-to-market strategies
  • New business model creations

Product & Service Design

Sometimes it’s about reinventing a new product category. Other times it’s about reimagining an entire system. We design products and services that connect with people—making their lives better, easier, simpler, more efficient, more intuitive, more profitable and more enjoyable.

When designing a product or service for the digital or physical world, we take an integrated approach: we connect the dots between activities, infrastructure, materials, people and communication. We dig deep to identify those aha moments that will ultimately shape successful, scalable design. An important part of any design process includes rapid iteration and prototyping to make sure the final product or service gets to market faster, is the best it can be and can stand the test of time in the real world.


  • Interaction Design
  • Industrial Design
  • Visual Design
  • Service Design
  • Communication Design
  • Design Prototyping
  • Design Research

Social Media Management

Social media management is the process of managing your online interactions and content across social media channels like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, and Pinterest.

Social media management goes beyond just posting updates to your company’s social media profiles. It also includes engaging with your audience and looking for new opportunities to increase reach and visibility.


  • Profile Optimization
  • Custom Posts
  • Review Responses
  • Boosted Content
  • Branded Emails
  • Social Campaigns
  • Reports & Insights


Everything starts with understanding behavior. Not just human behavior to discover what people want and need. But also how entire systems behave—from social and technical systems to environmental and political ones, too.

It helps us identify the motivations and patterns from which we develop meaningful insights. We use these key insights about behavior to identify the right opportunities for your business.

Customer research and insights involve a variety of approaches— immersive market research, competitive landscape audits and customer journey mapping, to name a few. At the highest level, it’s all about understanding how your product, service or experience should be positioned in the market—and then giving you a strategic roadmap to make that new position a reality.


  • Customer journey mapping
  • Competitive landscape audits
  • Design research
  • User testing
  • Trend research
  • Market research